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Be faster and smarter.

All the solutions BPC offer clients are delivered via our SmartVista product suite. All the products in the SmartVista suite have been designed and grown organically to ensure they complement each other and work together seamlessly. They can be deployed as an individual point solution solving a specific need or implemented together to form a complete end to end electronic payments system.

Lower your operational cost.

A simplified approach to payments infrastructure inevitably leads to lower operational costs and improved total ownership costs. Whether you need to manage one card or a million, install one ATM or 100,000 POS terminals Smarvista is designed to be flexible and address huge variations in customer requirements. Smartvista scales, eliminating the need to re-design infrastructure or install new applications.

Make managing payments easier.

It is essential for any forward facing business to ensure there is flexibility to implement new products and services for consumers. In the payments industry this is not always possible due to technology legacy and also having to manage several different payments systems all at once. SmartVista is designed to ensure you are in control and can roll out new products and services fast based on a simplified, modular, scalable, API driven modern architecture.

Prepare for future revenue steams.

Take advantage of the new emerging services, business models and opportunities as they occur. Don’t get left behind, choose a partner you can trust with a payments product suite which is future proofed to enable you to deliver.


ATM Management

In the 50 years since the first modern ATMs were launched, they have changed almost beyond recognition. Today, they do much more than just dispense cash – with advanced technology that extends from biometric authentication to e-commerce.



High performance, real-time authorization switching. With Switch from BPC, issuers, acquirers and processors can manage the fast-moving payments landscape and deliver the best levels of service to their customers.


Card & Wallet Management

Managing the complete customer relationship - In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace the key challenge in attracting and retaining cardholders is about delivering the product they want at a price they are willing to pay.


Merchant Management

Comprehensive Merchant Management - From setup to asset management, Merchant Management helps merchants deliver a superior level of service to merchant networks.


Fraud Prevention

Protect Your Enterprise and Your Brand BPC’s Fraud Prevention solution helps issuers, acquirers and processors detect and prevent fraud across all payment channels, in real-time.


Smartvista helps fast growing
SBERBANK accelerate business

When leading bank Sberbank wanted to grow its already substantial business, it chose BPC’s SmartVista to provide the modern, flexible payments structure it needed. Today, SmartVista helps drive over 800,000 point of sale devices and one of the worlds largest ATM networks.



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