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Comprehensive and Sophisticated

SmartVista Fraud Prevention from BPC Banking Technologies provides a complete solution to help issuers, acquirers and processors detect and prevent fraud across all payment channels. The solution uses a sophisticated rules-based engine to rapidly isolate suspicious transaction in real time, enabling you to prevent fraud from affecting your customers.

Monitoring All Transactions and Channels

SmartVista Fraud Prevention provides your organization with maximum protection by monitoring 100% of transactions across all channels, including ATM, POS devices, kiosks, IVR, call center, mobile and internet commerce. As SmartVista Fraud Prevention works seamlessly with third-party payment products and as part of a wider SmartVista installation, it can be used in conjunction with other fraud prevention and risk management measures.


Powerful and Easy to Use

Each transaction is monitored against a set of user-defined business rules, which can monitor hundreds of parameters – ranging from simple checks such as transaction location to more sophisticated checks based on the card’s historic transaction profile. Rules can be created for specific customer segments, groups of merchants, groups of ATMs or individual customers. Rules can also be combined in virtually unlimited ways. Each rule generates a value – a measure of how risky the transaction is judged to be.

Depending on the risk value, Fraud Prevention from BPC can:

  • Allow the transaction through
  • Place it in the queue for further investigation
  • Alert issuers, acquirers and cardholders via email or SMS
  • Automatically decline the most suspicious transactions
  • Block the card / account / terminal / merchant immediately and automatically add it to stop lists.

Over time, the rules can be refined to ensure that the maximum number of fraudulent transactions are prevented without affecting genuine customer transactions.


Offline and online data monitoring

SmartVista Fraud Prevention monitors both offline and online transactions to provide a complete picture. The system monitors the operations of both traditional and emerging channels from POS terminals and ATMs to electronic and mobile commerce.

Fully customizable rules

SmartVista Fraud Prevention monitors transactions in the process of authorization, on the basis of a set of configurable rules. Banks and processors can set up and flexibly modify detection rules based on previous scenarios, and on the experience of other banks and processors.

Tracking 100% of transactions

Unlike other systems that take decisions based on analysing a sample of transactions, SmartVista Fraud Prevention monitors all card transactions, without impeding customer service.

Intelligent technology

SmartVista Fraud Prevention can use neural network technology which can "learn" by analyzing transaction history and payment behavior patterns, based on statistical data. It detects and reacts to suspicious activity and atypical behaviors, reducing the risk of fraud.

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