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Risk and Fraud Management

Industry estimates place the total cost of fraud at more than $10 billion per annum, and the growth of online commerce is increasing the risk.

In addition to the direct costs associated with card-based fraud, organizations are faced with significant reputational challenges. In this challenging environment, firms must be on guard 24x7 to protect themselves and their customers.

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Ever vigilant, across all channels

BPC’s advanced fraud prevention solution helps card issuers and acquirers combat the growing threat by monitoring 100% of transactions, online, in real-time across all channels. The solution’s powerful and flexible rules engine ensures that you can rapidly implement monitoring policies. It enables you to prevent fraud before processing unauthorized transactions, and therefore before your customers and business are affected.

Advanced fraud detection and prevention

Rather than sampling transactions, hoping to catch fraud after it happens, SmartGuard monitors 100% of transactions in real-time so you can stop fraud before it takes place. If a suspicious transaction is detected SmartGuard helps you automatically contact your customer through a range of channels, including email and SMS.

Delight customers and save money

By proactively contacting customers rather than blocking their cards, you can turn a potentially embarrassing situation for them into a positive experience – reinforcing the reasons why they placed their trust in your brand. SmartGuard users have reported saving $1 million per month with the solution.

Monitoring every single transaction in real-time

Our work with over 150 of the world’s most innovative companies across these sectors gives us a broad range of experience, so you can trust in our global team of experts to help deliver on the opportunity.

Our solution utilises the following SmartVista products

Cards & Wallet

Managing the complete customer relationship - In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace the key challenge in attracting and retaining cardholders is about delivering the product they want at a price they are willing to pay.

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Fraud Prevention

Protect Your Enterprise and Your Brand
BPC’s Fraud Prevention solution helps issuers, acquirers and processors detect and prevent fraud across all payment channels, in real-time.

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