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Fuel retail - The fuel retail industry is an industry in transformation

The fuel retail industry is an industry in transformation – while the headline figures around the demand for fuel imply growth, a number of trends are conspiring to make the market extremely challenging for existing participants.

In the past the demand for fuel seemed to continuously grow – especially in emerging markets where more consumers were purchasing their first automobiles. Even in recessionary times it seemed that demand would continue to increase. However, changes in consumer behavior combined with persistent economic challenges are combining with changes in the competitive and regulatory environments to heap additional challenges on an industry under pressure.

Complete Support For Fuel / Fleet Card Programs

SmartVista for Fuel Retailers provides all the functionality needed to design, run and manage advanced fuel / fleet card programs. The key strength of the solution is enabling the creation of innovative products in a matter of days. New services can be added to existing products without resorting to complex, time consuming and expensive software development projects.

SmartVista provides you with all the tools you need to implement the rules associated with your fuel card schemes. The solution supports a wide variety of payment products and services used in fleet programs including cards, coupons, RFID tags, and mobile applications. SmartVista for Fuel Retailers enables customers to acquire fleet cards from third parties and interfaces to the world’s most popular fleet card schemes, including UTA, DKV, E100 and many others.

The solution’s flexibility helps customers implement their own policies – for example setting rules to control purchasing different categories of goods and services (fuel, food, alcohol). Additionally the system can be configured with information about the capacity of vehicles fuel tanks. Hence if a vehicle is re-fuelling too frequently or if the distance covered between re-fuelling stops conflicts with the amount of fuel used the transaction can be flagged as suspicious or stopped completely.

Sophisticated Loyalty Programs

The importance of loyalty programs in the future of fuel retailing cannot be over-estimated. Put simply, in many parts of the world fuel retailers are experimenting with loyalty programs in order to attract and retain customers. SmartVista’s loyalty and reward program management solution enables users to rapidly create and manage innovative loyalty programs. The solution is designed to build sophisticated issuer and loyalty programs quickly. SmartLoyalty easily integrates with existing systems to gather data for loyalty points calculation and can be connected to external systems to share information for co-branded programs. As the solution supports a range of metrics, including financial currencies, litres, miles, car wash types and others, it enables the creation of a variety of promotions such as get a free car wash with every 100 litres of fuel purchased. SmartVista for Fuel Retailers provides a range of notification and service options including SMS, emails and online access through internet and mobile applications

SmartVista for Fuel Retailers has been developed to assist retailers handle the challenges easily, supporting the needs of fleet customers and consumers in an easy to use, rapidly installed and cost effective solution.


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